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College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) Textbook Order & Information Terms

Fall Semester 2015

Pick up your online order starting Monday, August 24, 2015 at noon during normal business hours.  Settle in to your dorm room, then stop by the Campus Store to shop in person for your text books.  The text room is open, and we're here to assist!

Interim 2016

Pick up your online order starting December, 1, 2015 during normal business hours.  Shop in person for your textbooks and educational materials beginning Monday, December 14, 2015 at noon.

Online Order Info

All textbooks, ISBN numbers, pricing, and course materials are subject to change without notice. Text and pricing information is subject to change including, but not limited to, faculty changes, publisher substitutions, or price changes.

All textbook totals are calculated at the time of the order using "New" prices. Orders with "Used" textbooks will have their total adjusted at the time the order is filled and charged.

This site is updated daily as we receive any course updates and shipments from each publisher. The ISBN number may represent a bundle of items instead of an individual title. Bundles are only available new.

Listing online does not guarantee in stock status. Back orders and courses with no textbook adoptions will not be processed. Only books on hand at the time of processing will be included in your order. We cannot guarantee the availability of "used" textbooks.

If "Used Preferred" is selected, "new" books will be provided if "used" books are not available. If “New Preferred” is selected, "used" books will be provided if "new" books are not available. Orders placed as "New Only" or "Used Only" will be canceled if preferred textbooks ordered cannot be met. Prices that are BLANK or TBD indicate that pricing information is currently unavailable for this item.

Students purchasing materials on this site or at Bethel University Campus Store are protected under our Return Policy. Bethel University Campus Store does not guarantee texts or class materials purchased from other sources.

Shrink wrapped textbooks are not returnable if opened. Please see our Return Policy for complete information regarding returns.

Please note: Your Bethel ID is required for picking up your textbook order.

You may charge your order to your student account or pay with VISA or MasterCard. In the event your credit card does not process, to receive your books on time, the books will be charged to your student account.

All online Fall Semester orders placed prior to Monday, August 24 at 2:00 pm will be filled.  The text room is now open for you to shop in person.  We are well staffed to assist you!

I have read and accept the terms of this policy.