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Book Sellback

Don’t want to wait until the end of the semester to sell your books back? Online Sellback is a great option for you! The Campus Store is able to offer this option to you through MBS Textbook Exchange Inc. We make it easy for you!

We conduct "Book Sellback" in front of the Campus Store twice a year, Tuesday through Friday, of finals week during both fall and spring semesters.

Book Sellback gives Bethel students the opportunity to sell back to the Campus Store, any of their unwanted or unneeded textbooks, which have been “adopted” by our faculty for the next semester. We buy from our Bethel students before placing orders with outside sources. This is one way we help our students recoup up to 50% of the price they paid for textbooks. It keeps books on campus and reduces the need for freight. Sellback makes our world a little greener!

Enter your book ISBN below to see the list of titles the Campus Store is purchasing for book sellback. Any titles not listed may be purchased wholesale by MBS at book sellback for use on other campuses. Wholesale prices are determined by MBS and will reflect supply and demand for the title.